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Online Book Club
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A bunch of us who love to read and don't live near each other anymore have decided it'd be a good idea to start an online book club. We're extending the membership to anyone across the globe who'd like to join, because we're always up for meeting new people. Grab a book and come join us!

Basic Rules

1. If you are joining the community after February 3, 2006, please make a post with your name, where you're from, how you heard about the community, your favorite book, and a suggestion for a book you'd like the group to read in the future.

2. You are allowed to discuss the book you are reading before everyone is finished, but if your topic for discussion gives away or alludes to any spoiles, PLEASE place them behind a cut labeled "possible spoilers under the cut". If you don't know how to use an lj-cut, please refer to the FAQ section of livejournal.

3. Since this community is brand new, and I've never actually run my own book club before (or a livejournal community, for that matter), I am still feeling my way around the do's and dont's of this type of thing. Please be patient with me and direct any personal comments/questions/praise or gripe to cantidolce@msn.com.

4. New books and topics will be presented on the day after the deadline for the previous book read.

5. Challenges and book club topics will be presented periodically through posts made by the moderator, nowherewithyou.

Books Read So Far...
1. Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden (discussion: 2/4/06-2/25/06)
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