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Discussion time! Since so many of us were reading this time, we…

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Discussion time!

Since so many of us were reading this time, we should finally be able to get a good discussion going! So, share your thoughts, and feel free to use a couple of these questions I found (or not), just to get things started.

Then (this is the part that makes this a discussion), bookmark this post for a few days, check back, and try to respond to what a few other people said, too. We'll keep going until at least Monday or Tuesday this time, since a bunch of us will be away this weekend. Ask questions, find things to disagree with, all that fun stuff!

1. "He isn't calibrated to bring peace to anyone's life"? Henry's father cannot understand how Clare can love Henry. Discuss Henry's character throughout the novel. When Clare finally finds Henry in real time, what is he like? When do you think he is at his most likeable?

2. Time travel is a science fiction concept that has been used many times before in fiction - from The Wizard of Oz, to HG Wells The Time Machine.... Discuss other famous uses of time travel in books or film. How does Niffenegger's vision of time travel differ?

3. Henry's time travelling often takes him back to emotionally important events in his life. Discuss how it must feel to keep on returning to both tragic and happy events of your life?

4. The author uses the 1st person narrative for both Henry and Clare. How do their different perspectives add to the balance of the novel?

5. Many of the characters love intensely without hope - Henry's father and his dead wife, Ingrid - Henry's suicidal ex-girlfriend.... What do you think of the author's portrayal of love?

6."Well think. You go to the future, you do something, you come back to the present. Then the thing that you did is part of your past. So that's probably inevitable, too." Henry and Henry p58. How is free will and fate presented in The Time Traveler's Wife? Can Henry change anything about his future?

7. "You are making me different' - Clare, p78 Clare grows up with an unnatural knowledge of what her future will be- how different does that make her from an ordinary girl? Is she able to make her own choices in life to alter her destiny?

8. "We are often insane with happiness. We are also very unhappy for reasons neither of us can do anything about it." - p411 Henry 41 Clare 18. How convincing is the portrayal of Henry and Clare's relationship and their attempts to have children? What are the additional stresses that they suffer that an ordinary marriage doesn't?

9. What do you think the significance of Book 2's title " A Drop of Blood in a Bowl of Milk"?

10. "I have given you a life of waiting..... Stop waiting and be free." p503 Henry's letter to Clare. What is the remaining years of Clare's life like? Does she wait? Do you think Henry should have told Clare that he sees her again?
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On May 2nd, 2006 10:42 pm (UTC), saioboepedge commented:
nobody seems to be discussing this..have people forgotten??
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On May 2nd, 2006 10:48 pm (UTC), dolcedaze replied:
Yeah, it happened with the last books, too. I give up :-/
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On May 2nd, 2006 10:52 pm (UTC), saioboepedge replied:
I would post another message..as since many people are pretty busy with school concerts & such. Why not have a little reminder?
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